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june 21

started working on the new site design. realized that only 6 of the webrings and one of the cliques that this page belongs to, are actually still around. rich has been playing playstation for at least 4 hours now. time to give this a break. more updates tomorrow including more cosmetic stuff and new links for the kawaiigoth site.

june 20

No updates in almost 6 months! Been a little too busy for the 'net. New site design for the KawaiiGoth list. Yahoo keeps taking over everything and I was locked out of my own mailing lists for a while. Finally have both the KawaiiGoth and Paradys lists' bugs all worked out (for now). And my ISP was taken over by MSN (hotmail... uck)so my e-mail has changed AGAIN. So if you've kicked me out of your webring or applied for an award and haven't heard from me... uck. I'll jhave the site updated within the next few weeks. gomen. goodnight.