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::Basic Guidelines::

1. No broken graphics or links. Your site should be complete and not "under construction" when you apply. Also, everyone makes a typo now and then but if you have tons of spelling errors, then forget it.

2. This is a site beauty award. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but since this is my award here's some hints. I hate cheesy horror graphics, ie. dripping blood bars, flaming skulls etc. Also, some sites that submit are pretty entertaining but not in keeping with the theme of the award. You're applying for an award with a pretty little 1920's girl (Lillian Gish) sipping some tea. I'm looking for slightly dark or Gothic sites that are beautiful, ethereal, elegant, and easy to navigate.

3. I don't like the overuse of profanity. Repeatedly typing swear words is pretty childish and lame. Once again I'm looking for elegance, not angst.

4. I will overlook banner ads so if you're on a free server like Tripod or Geocities it's ok to apply for this award.

5. This award is for personal pages. This is not a "links" section for businesses. I link to sites that I know and like, not ones that spam me so don't even try it. This is an award - not a way for you to advertise your business. So once again - personal sites only please.

6. Sign my guestbook... any of them is fine:)

7. Have the graphic up and the link back to my site within a week of being notified you have won.

That's all. If you feel your page is ready then please apply. Also, if you've applied withing the past 6 months there is a good chance that I didn't receive. But I'm paying attention now so try again.

the poisoned teacup recipiants

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