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ICQ: 73908831

in my cd/mp3 players: buck-tick, utena ost2, dir en grey, and also the trees, the cramps, evangelion ost 1, best of animation 1997 volume3 (i think), whichever one has the ramune fresh 40 and xjapan on it.

what i'm reading right now: Book of the Dead (zombies... spoooky), X/1999 mangas, Animerica magazine....

what i read before that: The first 2 of the Wraethru trilogy, Archangel by Sharon Shinn, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, Sung in Shadow by Tanith Lee, the Oxford Book of Gothic Tales (again).

what i'm watching: invader zim!!! anime, anime, and more anime (nanako, nightwalker, utena, di gi charat, oramajo doremi,....)

what i just saw at the theater: moulin rouge

what i saw before that: chocolat

minor obsessions: amaretto sours, strawberry surprise flings, cadbury fruit and nut bars, 1940's shoes, vintage clothing (mostly old tattered veiled hats and flapperesque slips and dresses), and also the trees, scouring used book stores for tanith lee novels, attempting to draw my eyebrows on evenly, thierry mugler angel products, really spicy curry, calla lilies, anime and manga (mostly shoujo, CLAMP, aoi nanase, dodo from doremi, etc...), collecting old wooden marionettes, house mouse designs, chai, watching Iron Chef even though most of the things they cook make me feel woozy, making grave rubbings, total Sanrio madness including collecting anything my melody....

things i love: my husband, my pets, my book collection, my video game systems, my useless fangirl garbage like my Filler Bunny and Spooky squeezies

where i am:

school: some college before i became disenchanted and said to hell with it. going back to take some art classes in the fall.

work: clerical stuff. blargh! and i still do my business on the side but only for friends' shops. slaving over a hot stove making large quantities of soap sucked.

where i came from: southern california where the weather was disgusting and most of the people i knew were equally disgusting.

where I'm going: work, the ice cream place, outside to sun (yes sun!) and draw fanart.

where i'd like to go: japan. if i don't get a few dresses from metamorphoses i will die! i'm so sick of the cheap lolita ripoffs being sold over here. must vacation soon!